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UST Inspection Services, Inc. supports Owners and Operators of Underground Storage Tanks with the compliance requirements of RCRA Subtitle I & MassDEP UST Regulations (we also offer technical assistance for Aboveground Storage Tanks).

As a result of the Federal Energy Act of 2005 a number of significant revisions to UST Regulations have been made, including the requirement for a Third-Party UST Inspection every three years (& for new USTs, at the time installations are complete) as well as the training and assignment of Class A, B and C Operators at each UST facility.

UST Inspection Services, Inc. can help you satisfy these new responsibilities, avoid Local Permitting conflicts or potential penalties at the State level.  We can work with you to ensure compliance, offer practical solutions to address Financial Responsibility and in the event of a leak, help to minimize your liability.

Drawing from 15 years of Permitting and Removal of USTs, install of Automatic Tank Gauging systems, oversight of Tank Testing and Inspection of tank systems, the staff of UST Inspection Services Inc. can offer an informed Third-Party evaluation of your UST operations. To minimize your overall operating expenses, we can help you select appropriate, necessary and effective Tank Testing (to avoid conflicts of interest, as a "Third-Party", we can not perform this testing - although we can help coordinate this on your behalf).

While many UST Owner/Operators relied on the same company for their tank testing and inspection needs (which is no longer allowed under 310 CMR 80.00), UST Inspection Services Inc. acts as a truly independent "Third-Party". We offer an informed second opinion of your UST operations: educating our customers while cost effectively satisfying MassDEP's 3 year compliance mandate.

As a licensed and insured, small local business, UST Inspection Services, Inc. provides personalized service with competitive pricing. Our objective is to relieve you from the burdens of compliance by meeting all of your tanks service and testing needs (e.g. whether it's inspections, Veeder-Root installations or coordinating tank testing for either Underground or Aboveground Storage Tanks...).

Feel free to contact us with any questions and to explore our wide ranging UST & AST inspection and compliance Services. You can reach us at (781) 383-UST3 (8783) or via e-mail to:

AG@USTinspection.com for Underground Storage Tanks

AG@ASTinspection.com for Aboveground Storage Tanks

​Aaron Gilbert, P.E., MSCE
STI SP001 Inspector: #AST-6407
Maine DEP Certified UST Inspector #466
Mass DEP Third-Party UST Inspector #1110
ICC AST Certified: U5; AST Installation/Retrofitting
Veeder-Root UST Monitoring System Technician (Level 4)
ICC UST Certified: U1-U4; Installation, Decommissioning, Testing & CP